EyePoi Features

Technical Spinning Device

The EyePoi weight and dimensions are optimized for technical spinning, you are not locked out to do only simple figures e.g. weaves due to length or weight.

Weight, Length and Diameter


170 g (inclusive Accu)


23,6 cm


4 cm

Wireless connection

Each EyePoi has wireless connections to other EyePoi and to the EyePoi-ControlBox. It is used for Show downloads, Firmware updates or Show control (e.g. start a show).

Show Modes

The EyePoi support different Play modes:

External Controlled Mode

A show stored on an EyePoi can be started by Lightshow Designer, synchronously with other EyePoi and/or Music attached to the show within the LightshowDesigner.

MasterPoi Mode
(coming soon)
This mode allows synchronous playback of several EyePoi without need for Downloadbox or PC. One of the EyePoi need to be configured as MasterPoi (via LightShowDesigner), which will start the show on all other EyePoi synchronously.

NonSync Mode
(coming soon)
The EyePoi will play the show without being synchronised with other EyePoi or Music.

Power supply

The EyePoi is powered by common AAA Accumulators that could be exchanged within seconds when they are depleted. One charge lasts at least 45 Minutes (if all LEDs are continously white). There is a low battery protection to prevent battery damages by deep discharges.


The EyePoi can be updated wireless via the Lightshow Designer, either by connecting to Internet or local Firmware file. This enables upgrades to upcoming Features.


The EyePoi can store at least more than 200 Pattern (with avg. 100 pixel width per Pattern). A Pattern will allocate memory only once if it is used several times in a show. Even if timing or occurance Parameters changes it won't allocate additional memory.


Made in Germany

The EyePoi is manufactured in Germany.