Lightshow Designer Features


Pattern creation

The Lightshow Designer is able to do simple graphic editing. So Patterns could be created without starting an external editor.

-Of course it is possible to open or create Patterns in a graphic editor, e.g. Photoshop or Gimp


Lightshow Designer makes it easy to store and load complete Shows or Patterns of a show. 

Show editing

Pattern can be added to a Show by drag and drop. They can be altered in the Lightshow Designers timeline by adapting the Loop amount and Frametime individually. So you can create different visualisations even with just one Pattern.

It is possible to zoom in or out and move within the show timeline. The length of a show could be defined or even infinite shows are possible by looping the show.

Each EyePoi has its own timeline, which could be resized individually. This enables easy show configuration by keeping a good overview.

Music synchronization

Import the Show music to an additional Timeline. The Waveform is visualised for faster navigation and perfect placement of events, e.g. strobe on the beat.
You can start music playback by simple click from within the Designer.

Update and Maintenance

The Lightshow Designer can keep your EyePoi and itself up to date by checking for new Software automatically.

If you run into Problems with your EyePoi it is possible to read out the Error Memory with the Lightshow Designer to find out what's wrong.